Minnesotan. Businessman. A Leader.

Raised on a farm in Western Minnesota, John Howe never envisioned a role in politics growing up in his hometown of Chokio. John earned a Bachelors of Arts and Masters of Science Degrees in Criminal Justice Studies at St. Cloud University. He worked as a corrections officer at the St. Cloud correctional facility. “There were maybe three or four officers for every 160 inmates,” John recalls. “You find out what you’re made of in a job like that.”

Howe later began working in security for Sears, and was eventually named head of security for Sears in a five-state region. He then owned and operated five Sears Dealer stores, rising to become Chairman of Sears Dealer Council, representing over 700 stores nationwide with sales of $1.5 Billion.

In 2008, John was elected Mayor of Red Wing. He developed a reputation as an engaged and active community leader on financial and enviornmental issues. In 2009, Governor Pawlenty appointed him to Minnesota Clean Water Council. 

In 2010, John was elected as a State Senator.

One motivating factor for John running for Secretary of State is to bring election integrity and accountability to Minnesota elections. In the 2012 cycle, the DFL illegally and corruptly coordinated campaign efforts with 13 senate candidates – 11 of them became Minnesota State Senators which then gave the DFL the majority in the senate; this lead to the largest tax and spending increase in the history of Minnesota. The Democrats paid a $100,000.000 settlement and were allowed to keep their 11 seats. 

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Minnesotans want a government that is efficient and effective. The businesses want a government that provides services at the speed of commerce. That is why John Howe is running for Minnesota Secretary of State. 


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Private Sector experience

“My private sector experience will be invaluable in making government more efficient and responsive to its constituents. I’m excited about the chance to improve the many different ways the Minnesota Secretary of State’s office interacts with Minnesotans. The Secretary of State’s office should not be used for partisan political advantage  I’m running to give Minnesotans the opportunity to keep their faith in the honesty and openness of the electoral process, which is the absolute bedrock of representative democracy.”

- John Howe


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